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Past Meets Present In Designer Bengali Gold Jewellery

Who hasn’t been enamoured of traditional Bengali jewellery? The mystique continues to weave its spell, thanks to jewellery being handed down through generations in Bengali households and by the legacy being kept alive by the jewellers of Kolkata. Bollywood has done its bit, by showcasing it in movies like Devdas and Parineeta, while the traditional Bengali wedding of actor Bipasha Basu sparked a fresh craze to own Bengali jewellery.

For Myntra fans who also love Bengali jewellery, Suhani Pittie – a well-known name in the world of jewellery design globally – has launched her range of Bengali boutique jewellery exclusively on Myntra. The collection is named Dooi, a Bengali word that means two, symbolising the label’s next chapter and decade of work.

Myntra Suhani Pittie

Enlisted by the World Gold Council as the top 10 most inventive and ingenious jewellery designers in the world, Suhani Pitttie is known for her design philosophy that is inspired by Indian history, art and culture. Myntra’s association with her marks an epoch as fashion and lifestyle portal makes available a stunning collection of traditional and handcrafted jewellery to the fashion conscious young women in India.

Dooi comprises three collections inspired by the sprawling homes of yesteryear Kolkata, a familiar yet forgotten place. You can almost hear the sound of music emanating from those homes when you see Suhani Pittie’s jewellery collection.

Suhani Pittie Myntra

The first collection is called ‘Khancha’, which means a mesh-like surface in Bengali. Therefore, the jewellery has grill patterns, which remind one of the grilled windows with stained glass in old Kolkata homes.

The second collection, ‘Aakaar’, meaning shape, has jewellery in various shapes – spheres and curves – representing the architectural designs of archaic homes.

The third collection is ‘Alpana’, the name given to the beautifully painted motif made on auspicious occasions in Bengali culture. Traditional Alpnana designs have been adapted to modern acrylic with stunning effect, using coloured crystals and stones.

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