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Promoting Outdoor Sports With Mizuno

There are many runners out there who will tell you they literally feel like they have wings on their feet when they run. Speed is not what matters the most to them; it is the high, the adrenaline rush. Thanks to the endorphins produced by the brain on running, a “runner’s high” is a very real feeling, often described as a feeling of bliss and contentment.

And what is it that takes care of you, while you take care of that high? One of the essentials – shoes!

Shoes is to running as chemistry is to a relationship. So, are you ready for that? Well, move over rest of the world, Japan is here to woo Indian customers!

Mizuno, a Japanese sportswear brand with operations of over 100 years, is now exclusively available on Myntra. Sports shoes from Mizuno are known for its ‘wave technology’, a unique midsole technology that provides both cushioning and stability in every step, resulting in a smoother and comfortable run.  Adding a bit of versatility, these shoes are a great fit for daily training, fast-paced workouts and marathons. Runners out there, you all will certainly want to have a look at the collection on the Myntra app!



Commenting on the launch, Kiyoshi Tatani, President, Mizuno Singapore Limited said, “We in Mizuno are excited about our exclusive launch with Myntra and Flipkart. E-Commerce is an important channel for any international brand who wants to enter India and we are happy to partner with the best platforms available in India.”

This state-of-the-art range of footwear is now available from a price point starting at Rs 3,999 up to Rs 17,999. Myntra is happy to have given its customers yet another choice of a top global sportswear brand, besides the existing club of elite sportswear and apparel brands available exclusively on Myntra in India.

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