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Prove Your Mettle

Travel tests a luggage’s mettle globally, but when it comes to travel in India, the journey can prove to be even more daunting, because the actual travel can range from a cycle-rickshaw through a crowded street, to an auto over a pot-holed road, to the rough and tumble of a railway station or airport.

Last week, Myntra added to its vast portfolio the famous Samsonite brand of luggage, offering its customers one of the most well-known and best quality products in its category. Samsonite prides itself on the “strength” of its product, the name itself being coined from the legendary Biblical strongman Samson. Therefore, globally, it believes in performing rigorous product testing that takes into account every possible challenge that it can face in real life.

Here’s a glimpse of the action:

Rough & Tumble

Samsonite is geared to face the toughest conditions: Its luggage is tested both in the raw material stage as well as when the final product is ready.

A Samsonite suitcase is typically tested on a mileage tester, to match a distance of 32 km, and at the rate of 4 km per hour. It even undergoes the test of standing in upright position (because you never know how it is transported on the conveyor belt in a busy airport).

India is famous for its monsoon season, and therefore, a Samsonite product sold in India even undergoes a 15-minute rain tester, with water pouring on it from all sides.

No luggage test can be complete without a “jerk” tester, and therefore, the handles, wheels and shoulder straps stand the test of what they can get to experience in the real world. There are as many as 50 cycles of tumble testing and 5000 wheel tests.

Finally, comes the “case drop” test. Yes, the case is actually dropped from a height to see if it will survive.

Yes, the best do the basics better.

Samsonite Myntra

The Samsonite test is just a peek into the rigorous tests that all the products available on Myntra undergo, with only the best and most authentic products being sold on the platform.

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