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Roadster and MotoGP Create A New Code For The Road

The highway is the ultimate test – be it the dusty tarmac or the highway of Life. It reveals the best in you and it exposes the worst in you. It tests you round each bend. It makes you sweat, it makes you bleed. All it seems to want to know is: Do you have it in you?

Roadster, the top-selling brand from Myntra, has raised the stakes by launching a new collection in collaboration with MotoGP – the world’s premier motorcycling championship and pinnacle of two-wheeled motorsport. With a clothesline that is sleek, suave and a perfect fit for bikers, motorcycle fashion will never be the same again.

roadster motogp myntra collection

The special-edition Roadster MotoGP collection includes jackets, denims and T-shirts for the ultimate biker, created after intensive research into what makes a biker tick. A unique style, combined with safety, is representative of the true spirit of the FIM MotoGP World Championship. Created using premium quality fabric, the no-compromise design is all about comfort while living life at the edge. Roadster is the first Indian clothing brand to partner with MotoGP and it carries forward the brand’s fiery attitude to evocate relentless oomph.

The abrasion-resistant jackets in the collection possess air vents and accordion panels to ensure maximum freedom of movement. A detachable thermal lining makes it suitable for all kinds of weather. After all, when does a biker see if the season is right before he rides off into the sunset?

Easy access pockets are built into the lining for storing quickly even as the wheels are movin’ and the adjustable straps make every outfit a perfect fit. The denim riding pants are stitched in superior, hand-crafted indigo fabric and offer unique stretch and resilience.

roadster motogp myntra

The Roadster MotoGP collection features cotton shirts and T-shirts designed to absorb moisture and enhance rider comfort. What’s more: They are dyed with luminous paint, so that the clothing glows in the dark.

Indeed, Roadster marks a new “code for the road” by bringing the premium merchandise to Indian biking enthusiasts, without compromising on functional design or affordability. The distinctive riding jackets are priced at Rs. 10,000 while the shirts and t-shirts cost Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 900, respectively.

The premium motorcycle industry in India is set to grow at a CAGR of 30% during 2014-2019. This is fueling a surge in biking enthusiasts on the look-out for high-quality riding accessories and apparel. Even though the mushrooming number of motorcycling festivals and biker’s clubs in India is a testament to the growing interest of biking in India, the motorcycling apparel segment continues to be a largely under-served market in the country. For today’s youth motorcycling is more than a sport; it’s a thriving lifestyle. Roadster hopes to address the growing demand for functional and stylish motorcycling fashion in India through this association. Because MotoGP stands for not just speed and thrill, but also for responsible riding.

So, whether you’re a roadie on a highway or a rebel without a pause in Life’s uneasy path, check out this latest collection from Roadster-MotoGP!

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