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Roadster Go Introduces You To The New Era Of Speed Shopping

Do you love shopping but despise the long queues at the checkout? It seems like a test of patience every time. Well, that will be a problem of old. In this age of everything fast and furious, Roadster Go introduces you to the new era of speed shopping!

In yet another ground-breaking move in the fashion and retail industry, Myntra has launched a one of a kind retail store in Bengaluru, Roadster Go, at Mantri Mall in Malleshwaram. The store employs some of the most advanced technology yet in Indian retail and takes a quantum leap in offering a hi-tech omnichannel experience for consumers – making it smarter, faster and seamless.

So what does that really mean?

It means that the store provides every possible assistance at the touch of a finger; or there are RFID enabled digital screens at your beck and call, for you to discover all the product features, such as studio images, fabric, washes, suitability to body type, colour matching, availability of sizes and more.

The store also eliminates the waiting time at the checkout counter, by enabling a 30-second self- checkout. All you have to do is place the products in the RFID tray which will capture the product details and display the bill on the screen instantly which can be paid using a debit/credit card upon confirmation. No more scanning individual products or removing security tags from each garment.

And the best part? You get to do offline shopping at real-time online prices! Here’s a look at the newly opened store:

The newly launched store is the second physical store for Roadster, the first one being at Indiranagar. The second one in fact, follows in the footsteps of the first store, which is also rife with exciting technological innovations such as a touch-controlled video wall, the unique purchasing mechanism known as ‘Scan and Go’, and the ‘Highway 360’, which takes you on an interactive virtual journey designed like a road trip.

With so many delightful inclusions, Roadster stores are set to revolutionize the way we know about shopping. Roadster is the first fashion brand to deploy the refreshing new-age tech concepts which will form the basis of Myntra’s omnichannel strategy for all private brands and for the industry as a whole. Myntra plans to open 50 Roadster Go stores across the country by the year 2020. Without any further ado, rush to the store now to experience this first-hand!

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