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Roadster Presents To You ‘The Endless Road’

Myntra’s much loved brand, Roadster, has always had a penchant for offbeat advertising that appeals to its core audience who love exploring an outdoor lifestyle. The anthem ‘The Endless Road’ by indie rock band, Girish & The Chronicles, takes this legacy forward. This is a track that will surely make its way into your next road trip playlist.

Roadster The Endless Road

The set for the performance was a 40-foot flatbed truck, rigged out to resemble a stretch of tarred road moving through the landscape – an invitation for viewers to look around at the sights, sounds, performance and passers-by. Within a week of being launched, the video has already clocked over 8.5 million YouTube views! Wow! Enjoy the video:

When asked what drew him to the project, Girish Pradhan of Girish & The Chronicles said, “Well, life is a journey, yes? A path with infinite possibilities, with occasional stops to breathe and live the beauty of the moment. That’s the endless road.

Roadster The Endless Road Anthem

Head of Myntra Fashion Brands, Abhishek Verma, is really upbeat about the new campaign. “The campaign is meant to reinforce brand’s position as the trusted outdoor companion for the young and restless. It’s a continuation of ‘The Road is Waiting’, our previous Roadster campaign. Our aim was to introduce a popular song which captures the spirit of roadsters as they follow their own unique reasons to be on the road,” he says.

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