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Shattering Stereotypes, One Ad Film At A Time

“Ajay, two years ago I moved because you were up for a new job,” says Pratima to her husband.

“Ya, so? Everybody does that. Everybody travels with their husbands,” is the pat reply from the husband.

An intense pause later, all Pratima can say is, “I am not everybody.”

That last line could well be the punchline of all of Anouk’s ad films. In its latest campaign, ‘The Move’, the brand portrays the fine line women are forced to tread in a ‘marriage versus career’ battle, whereas in this partnership the question of one versus the other should never have to come up.

Anouk’s fifth film under the Bold is Beautiful campaign, this ad yet again takes up another sensitive issue that revolves around a woman’s life and challenges conventional tenets. Just as the film shatters stereotypes, the Myntra owned brand shatters the image that ethnic wear is staid and traditional. The woman’s character, as well as the brand, emerges as bold, vibrant, stylish and even edgy.

Commenting on the ideation of the campaign, Gunjan Soni, Chief Marketing Officer and Head, International Brands Business, Myntra, said, “Anouk’s campaigns have always exemplified how the Indian woman can voice her opinion and craft her own destiny. Taking the topical short film approach forward, the fifth film in the ‘Bold is Beautiful’ series takes on the prejudices that married women face whilst exploring career opportunities in other cities. Through these campaigns, the intent has been to deliver the brand message in an impactful but non-intrusive manner.”

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