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Slaying It This Monsoon Season!

Monsoon is here in all its glory and we just can’t get enough of the lovely rains. However, it goes without saying that this beautiful weather has its own challenges. Apart from the water logging and crazy traffic, rains sure don’t make it any easy for fashionistas to maintain their stride. As wonderful as stepping out in the rain feels, it doesn’t come without soggy shoes, muddy splatters on clothes and of course drained make-up.

While colorful flip-flops, cuffed pants, and other cool clothing options do come to your rescue to show off your rain swag, how about scoring a full 100 on your monsoon look? Check out these monsoon essentials that you must add to your list if standing out is on your mind.

Waterproof Make-Up

Waterproof makeup in monsoon

Water resistant makes up is going to be your saving grace when you have to rush out in the rain for whatever be the reason. And even if you’re not as dramatic, you would want your eyeliner and lip color to remain intact throughout the day, and for that picking up the waterproof ones is the best idea. You can browse for some of the best options in waterproof makeup on Myntra.

Waterproof Watches and Fitness band

Water resistant fitness band and watches

A trendy watch or a fitness band can elevate your look completely and you don’t want to compromise on wearing it no matter how hard it’s been raining. You’re never short of options while looking for a water-resistant digital watches on Myntra but if you really want to jazz up your look and want a high utility fitness band make sure to give Blink Go a try.

Rain Jackets  

Wear rain jackets in Monsoon

Rain jackets are the perfect thing if you’re on the run and carrying an umbrella is a hassle for you. They are not just easy to carry and convenient but also looks super cool. Don’t be afraid to choose bold colors, it will only cut through the rainy gloom and make you stand out. Check out some awesome options for rain jacket here.

Monsoon Jewelry

Monsoon accessories and jewelry

Getting ready for a rainy day out doesn’t mean you leave your jewelry behind. The right combination of colorful accessories does the trick in making your attire stand out. Pick some aqua colored beads for danglers, funky translucent bangles and chic anklet strings to match your monsoon look from Myntra.


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