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Socks Are Becoming The New Neckties

Rihanna has been appointed as the creative director of Stance, a US based company that makes, guess what, socks! Yes, looks like the humble hosiery item that has been ignored by many, has walked itself into a fashionable spot this year.

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With high-profile individuals such as George H. W. Bush (Former US President George Bush’s father) wearing eye-catching pink socks or Rob Kardashian’s new sock designs at Neiman Marcus, socks are now in the spotlight of men’s fashion and are likely going to stay there for a while.

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As Fibre2Fashion quoted Lubeina Shahpurwala, co-founder of Mustang Socks and Accessories saying, “Nobody can accurately say how big the global socks market is; but as of last year, it was reported to be around US$ 5.6 billion.” It’s official, the sock category is growing.

Though socks have been worn by humankind since the Stone Age, the first knitted hosiery was created in the 15th century. William Lee, an English clergyman made the first knitting machine and he made it for a reason. He loved a woman who was so busy knitting that she did not even look up at him!

For decades after that, knitted socks have been worn mostly as a basic item of clothing. It has been worn because of necessity more than anything else; as socks absorb sweat and also prevent blisters.

However, things have gone a few levels up for socks now. Designers, stylists, fashionistas, even sportsmen now wear socks to make a style statement. The length of socks has also increased, mostly because they are not meant to be hidden anymore. Men are rolling up their denims and chinos and women are pairing socks with heels of all kinds now. There is more to socks than whites, blacks and greys. Nike, Puma, Batman, Mast & Harbour, NBA, Happy Socks and even the Playboy bunny are revealing an all new sock world on the Myntra app. So get your loot now!

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