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Supporting New Parents At Myntra

When Amrita, a 29-year old marketing manager in a large organization, seriously began to think of motherhood, her family suggested she ‘takes a break’ post the birth of the baby. Amrita knew that the ‘break’ could very well turn out to be a five year ’break’, or might even close the doors on her budding career altogether. She wondered if motherhood and a career growth were indeed incompatible with each other. As a woman, did she not have the right to pursue both?

Supporting New Parents At Myntra

This is a question which women across industries in India have thought about. Recently one of Myntra’s fashion brands, Anouk, brought out a short film on how pregnancy related discrimination in the corporate world stunts the growth of women in an organization. Ashutosh Lawania, Co-founder, Myntra, agrees. “A major reason why career oriented women in India have to compromise on their aspirations is because they find it difficult to balance between family and profession,” says Lawania.

The average age of employees at Myntra is around 28. Besides taking steps towards securing their careers, this is also the time when young people are graduating to creating a family life for themselves. In a fast paced and rapidly growing organization, it was important for the company to think of best-in-class benefits to both attract and retain quality talent. The New Parent Policy is a step towards supporting better work life balance for its employees.

The policy, says Lawania, encompasses all possible areas of support that a parent would require – both pre and post birth. From small measures like taking better care of the expecting mother’s nutrition needs by providing fruits at her desk, to giving significant discounts to employees and spouses for various diagnostic interventions and treatments during pregnancy and childbirth, Myntra has a holistic approach towards the healthcare of employees on the family way. There are also specially designed rooms that help pregnant employees relax or take a quick nap, and provide reimbursement during the last few months of pregnancy to commute comfortably.

And that’s not all. The maternity leave has been extended up to one year, of which first six months are completely paid for. After that the employee can either continue with the maternity leave or transition to work through flexible work hours. The latter option is also provided to new fathers, besides paternity leave.

Tying up with a network of Crèche to support new moms and dads to transition to work while ensuring their children are in good hands, and giving them special leaves on important days of their children’s life like birthdays, first day of school, PTA meetings etc. is Myntra’s way of ensuring that parents have organizational support in the formative years of their child’s life.

The latest addition to the basket of benefits is the Adoption Program. Myntra will extend financial support of INR 50,000 to employees adopting children in addition to leaves of up three months. Way to go, Myntra!

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