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Tap Goodbye to Your Fitting Woes

Has shopping for clothes online been a slightly dicey experience for you because you are not sure if the clothes will be of good fit? And a standard sizing chart does not really help you understand how the clothes will actually fit? Well, none of us can deny trying to figure out our body shape and have always tried to fit in some bracket or the other like Apple, hourglass or pear.

To address these concerns better, the internal team at Myntra conducted a survey which revealed 67% customers prefer shopping for apparel by body type or shape. However, 46% of consumers identified themselves as being ‘Hourglass’ through visual cues, while world-over, the percentage of Hourglass figures is under 10% showing that consumers were associating with ‘How I want to look’ instead of ‘How I actually look’, which needed to be addressed.

And so the Category solutions team came up with a size guide called ‘Shop By Shape’ feature. These are unique size codes which help women identify their body shape and then recommend clothes that fit their particular type and shape.

Few of Category Solution team members who created the 'Shop By Shape' feature

Few of Category Solution team members who created the ‘Shop By Shape’ feature


Here are four Indian women talking about loving their shape and dressing up for it.

So how does it work? Upon entering your measurements on the ‘Shop by Shape’ feature on Myntra app, you are given a unique Shape ID which is a ratio of bust:waist:hip. The app then proceeds to shortlist apparel that is perfect for your Shape ID and also recommends styles that would enhance your look. For example, for Shape ID 3:2:4, Myntra recommends wearing ruffled tops, puff sleeves, embellished necklines and double breasted jackets that accentuate the elegant shoulder line and moves attention to the upper body.

Now that you know it, go ahead, update your Myntra app to try out the ‘Shop by Shape’ feature and forget all your fitting woes.

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