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Technology Tailored to be Fashionable

The art challenges the technology and the technology inspires the art.” So said John Lasseter, Chief Creative Officer at Pixar.

Creativity is the forte of fashion, but technology? In 1999, Alexander McQueen presented one of the most famous moments of his career when two robots spray-painted a dress worn by model Shalom Harlow in shades of black and yellow, as she spun around on a revolving platform.

This was just the beginning; fashion technology took flight from there.

Many more renowned designers have impressed viewers with the brilliance of the extravagant ideas. For instance, during Spring/Summer 2015, Ralph Lauren presented a 4D holographic water projection. Here’s the video showcasing models wearing the new collection against a 60-feet high fountain in Manhattan’s Central Park.

From the ramp to our lives, we have so many gadgets with advanced features at our disposal now, that technology is bound to change the way we experience fashion. Through artificial intelligence it is easier to assess and prepare customized ensembles in a short span of time. Take Myntra’s Moda Rapido, for instance. ‘Artie’, the fashionista robot powered by artificial intelligence, brings to you a fashion label from Myntra, which creates current and trending apparel for men and women, every four weeks.

Technology is also a strong mode of assistance for shoppers. The ‘Shop by Shape’ feature introduced by Myntra help women identify their body shape through unique size codes and then recommend clothes that fit their particular type and shape. And as far as recommendations go, perhaps you would like to ask someone for style tips and opinions? Welcome to the Style Forum! You can post questions on Style Forum on the Myntra app and you will get quick answers from stylists and fellow shoppers. You can also upload and share images, as well as create a poll to get a popular vote.

Across so much prudent progress in fashion technology, Coco Chanel’s quote is actualized in its true essence – “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

True that!

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