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The Badass Wedding Guest Is Here


Preparing for your best friend’s wedding and secretly hoping you could use that newly bought body-chain of yours? Are you dying to try out the cool boxer braid but not sure whether that would be a good choice for your next invitation? Well, for those of you with quirky bones, here are a few tips on how to add some idiosyncrasies to your ethnic avatar. To hell with the goody-two-shoes, for a change be the badass guest!

  1. Ditch the stilettos: Handloom sarees are having a major fashion moment. There’s no reason to fall out of the trend, especially when you can pair it with your… wait for it… boots! Just make sure to drape your nine yards in such a way that your footwear is visible and kicking.
  1. Kickass kala chasma: Attending an outdoor wedding? Being shady may earn you points in abundance! Team up your lehenga choli with a pair of aviators. The sharp masculinity of the shades and the fragile femininity of your silhouette is the coolest juxtaposition you could ever have.
  1. Make the necklace your maang tikka: Who said necklaces can adorn your neck only? Keep your statement neckpiece on your head as a maangtikka and see the difference. The bigger the better, you would be seen flaunting an ageless style statement.
  1. Paint graphically: We’re talking about your eyes, in case you got the wrong idea. Forget smokey eyes for once and take out the most crazy colours you can find on your make-up palette. And then let the brush go wild and artistic! Your subtle and dainty Anarkali is now ready to stand out.
  1. Flat iron is a flat out no-no: Iron your clothes, because you have better things to do with your hair. Play it cool with boxer braids. This insane hairstyle is popular amongst young punks and is very capable of notching up your delicate wedding look.

Now that you have few ideas how to make your elegant ethnic look cooler, go out and experiment. The mantra is to disrupt the balance of soft and fragile femininity and to give it a touch of individuality. Own the tradition in your unique way.


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