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The Changing Landscape Of Plus Size Fashion


Sometime earlier this year, Billie Bhatia, a fashion assistant, got her dream job at a leading fashion magazine. And when she announced the news to her friends and relatives, they could not hide their surprise. Why? Because Billie Bhatia is a plus size girl.

‘Fat and In Fashion’ was the headline of her first article for Elle magazine. She drafted her thoughts in the most unapologetic way possible. And guess what, people loved it. So, things are changing. There are some well-designed plus size clothing available now. Plus size models are earning well and flaunting their curves and beautiful women like Billie are fulfilling their dreams of working in the fashion industry.

The popularity of plus size icons is more than a fashion movement. These icons end up inspiring many followers with body image issues. Their confidence, their zeal to dress up every day, their success in fashion industry, all of it is something that changes the way many plus size people look at themselves.

For plus size people, buying clothes has always been a daunting task because of lack of options. There is a huge market for this category that has been ignored for a long time now.

Indian fashion designers like Rina Dhaka have expressed their interest in plus size clothing as well.  In an interview with IANS she says, “We can’t just clone the herd, each one of us is unique and so is our size.”

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Tess Holiday, one of the most famous plus size models confirms the changing global plus size modeling scene. “It’s exploded,” she says. Tess has over 8 lacs followers on Instagram.

In India, few e-commerce platforms are also making efforts to cater to this segment by offering a wide range of plus size clothing for male and female shoppers.  Brands like Dressberry Curvy and Pluss on Myntra are doing their bit.

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