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The Denim Shirt: A Classic Is Forever

The year was 1853 and Levi Strauss, a 24-year-old German immigrant, had just left for San Francisco, chasing the Gold Rush. After he opened a dry goods shop in the city, a customer – a prospector in the gold mines – came in to check out his goods. When all he saw was some rough canvas-like cloth for making tents and wagon covers, the customer retorted, “You should have brought pants!”, adding that trousers didn’t last long enough in the mines.

And that is the story of how one of most favourite fabrics of all times, “denim”, became a choice for apparel. Levi Strauss promptly decided to use the blue cloth to make rough overalls, which he named “Jeans” from the word “genoa”, a blue dye. The material he called denim from the phrase “serge de-Nimes”, as the cloth had come from Nimes, France.

With the new “denim jeans” becoming a huge hit with prospectors and miners, he realised he had struck a gold mine. Soon, its fame spread across America. By the 1960s, the denim had risen far above its initial reputation of being the fabric for the working class; everyone from Marilyn Monroe and James Dean to fashionistas on the streets and in popular culture was wearing them.

Shirting it up!

Denim shirts for women

The huge popularity of denim soon spilled over into many other categories such as jackets, belts, and above all, shirts! One can make the most of the trendy shirt by teaming it with other fashion icons like the LBD, skirts or boots.

David Beckham is one guy who seems to love his blue denim shirts! He’s been spotted and photographed in multiple looks, each one more stylish than the other. Of course, wife Victoria may have had something to do with it. In fact, the Beckham half-tuck has become something of a legend in itself.

How To Slay The Look

Here are different ways to wear denim shirts for men and women on Myntra. Teaming up the denim shirt with a pencil skirt, or a patterned mini skirt does wonders to the look. From mini to maxi: the denim shirt creates an arty look when you match it with an unusual partner – a floral maxi skirt from Forever 21 or All About You From Deepika Padukone.

Myntra brings the denim shirt for women from a host of brands, like Forever 21 – solid casual denim shirt; ONLY – printed, navy blue, faded, washed, round neck, even polka dot denim shirt; and Vera Moda – regular fit and washed casual denim shirt. Interestingly, Forever 21 was among the first to offer a distressed blue Denim Shirt as well as long Denim Shirt.

Denim shirts for men

Men can choose their denim shirt from many brands on Myntra – Esprit’s blue faded denim shirt or WROGN’s blue denim slim fit casual shirt, besides many others. The denim on denim look is certainly something that has created a class and a fan following of its own!

You know a classic when you see it. How many different kinds of looks have you tried with the denim shirt?

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