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The different types of bras and what they can secretly do for you

Here is the complete list of the different kinds of bras and what each design can do for you.


Low cups and thin straps help this bra create a square neckline, making it perfect for low-cut tops as well as blouses. What’s more, this bra flatters all sizes.

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A wardrobe essential for those who need some extra support, this bra provides full coverage with a centre underwire.

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This bra has no straps and is designed for off-shoulder and lace dresses.

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Taking weight away from the centre and flattening breast tissue to the side, wear this under front button shirts and blouses to avoid gaping holes.

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Tired of underwires poking you or restricting you? Sweat no more! With no painful wires, this is the most comfy bra.

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Designed with padded cups, the push-up bra adds volume to give you that enviable cleavage. Even better, choose from a versatile range as per your comfort — removable pads, foam, gel, water or air.

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Foam padding or moulding between fabric layers, this is the bra to wear under soft and clingy fabrics to give you a smooth finish.

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Cups that open make this bra perfect for nursing mothers. It also provides support and comfort.

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Adjustable bras and custom fits of this bra can be styled to suit racer backs, halters and one-shoulder tops.

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This bra’s deep centre front, minimum cups and padding, shape your breasts, complimenting low necklines

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An ideal bra for exercising, be it walking, jogging or running. You can say ‘no’ to sagging with the extra support a sports bra provides to breast ligaments.

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With soft and flexible cups this bra is built to accommodate changing shape as well as size of breasts during pregnancy.

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