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The Glittery World Of Sequins


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You must have heard Lady Gaga say, “I’m just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time.” While the pop singer has referred to sequins as something that denotes fashion itself, we take you through the journey of our very own humble salma sitara, from small adornments to full-fledged clothing items.

The word ‘sequins’ has a lot to do with the Arabic/Indian word ‘sikka’ which means a coin. In the 13th century, gold coins were produced in Venice and were called zecchino. The French however, called these coins sequin which later became a part of the English dictionary as well.

The stitching of sequins has a history too. In many countries, gold coins were stitched to the bodices and headdresses to display wealth. The gypsies found this very suitable to store wealth on the go.

As far as India is concerned, sequins have been an integral part of the traditional wear for a long time. They have been used to add opulence to lehangas, dupattas and blouses for years. It is hard to imagine the Bollywood dance numbers of the 70s and 80s without some generous dose of sequins. Till date our desi tailors keep samples of sequins in almost every colour, in case you want to add some shimmer to the neckline of your kurtis or blouses.

Sequins are not just about ethnic wear anymore. It adds a glamour quotient to any outfit. Victoria Beckham was recently seen closing this season’s London Fashion Week and one could not stop but wonder how she managed to turn around a simple outfit into something so stylish. Her black sequined jacket did the magic!

But did you know that Myntra offers fashionable sequin clothing from brands like Dressberry’s D Muse, Sisley, Athena and Vero Moda. In the last decade, sequins have been used to create stylish skirts, tops and dresses, ideal for any Saturday night party. A sequined jacket makes sure you can work your day wear for a night out. Sequins work well for day wear as well. A pair of sequined ballerinas can add a sparkle to a usual combination of white or black shirt and blue jeans. A sequined sleeveless top over a usual pair of denims is enough to uplift your mood. Sequins have found their comfortable place in fashion for all the right reasons.  Well, who does not like some sparkle!

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