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The Last Mile Courtesy

Ever heard of a business that got away with poor customer interaction?

If you had to rate all the factors that contribute to customer satisfaction while shopping, how high would you rate the quality of interaction with company representatives? Pretty high, wouldn’t you say? After all, be it for groceries, your daily use products or big ticket items, or be it a standalone showroom or a multi-retail outlet, the conduct of the store manager or the sales representative goes a long way in making you feel welcome and satisfied.

In the case of e-commerce companies, very often, the first interaction with a company representative is the very last one you will have – with the delivery staff member. The last mile courtesy of the delivery staff leaves a lasting impression about the company and its services in the minds of customers.

Shruti Virk, one of Myntra’s regular customer shares her feedback about her experience with the delivery agents. “I have always had a great experience with Myntra delivery staff. They have been polite and courteous, and sometimes even waited a while to deliver the product to me if I am busy in a meeting.”

With its logistics network extending to more than 19,000 pin codes across the country, much of Myntra’s success rides piggyback on the services of its delivery staff. Needless to say, a lot of emphasis is given to the training and grooming of these foot soldiers.

According to Manish Pansari, VP, Supply Chain, Myntra, to ensure the best customer facing experience, Myntra places strong focus on every single aspect of customer interaction. From how they greet the customer, to how they address any query or complaint, Myntra covers all details in its training manual. The dedicated logistics teams are also provided with Myntra branded helmets, t-shirts and gears as a representation of quality and reliability. Not only do all these measures make for a happy consumer experience, it also creates a perception in their minds about how Myntra treats its customers across all touch points.

Of course, a happy army of delivery staff makes for better quality of services. The team which has to work extra hard during a long festive season is given a special bonus and incentive, says Pansari. Basic requirements of all logistics staff is taken care of by the company. There is a HR helpline for administrative issues related to the logistics staff. General surveys of pain points faced by the field staff is also conducted for better feedback.

Delivering fashion to every corner of the country is easier said than done. It requires a certain level of commitment till the very last minute. The Myntra delivery boys have always stood for delivering the last mile courtesy too. After all, great customer interaction is one of the main pillars that differentiates a top notch shopping portal from an average one.

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