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The Lure Of Handcrafted Jewellery

What makes handcrafted jewellery so appealing? Why are more and more people seeking out a piece of handcrafted jewellery for self-expression? The trend, perhaps, lies in our yearning for the past, for connecting with something classic. Because, classics are forever.

Jaipur-based Amrapali Jewels struck a chord with both connoisseurs and the fashion-conscious when they first launched their jewellery collection, inspired by the desire to create jewellery that would reflect the magnificent Indian heritage, thereby helping to keep it alive.

amrapali myntra

To create perfect pieces, that reflect both tradition and contemporariness, Amrapali roped in master craftsmen and goldsmiths located within and around Jaipur. Soon, Amrapali came to be known in India and abroad for its boutique and handcrafted jewellery. It has amongst its connoisseurs both Bollywood and Hollywood stars.

Myntra Introduces Tribe by Amrapali

There has been a consistent growth in jewellery category, spurring several popular jewellery brands to make online forays. Seeing handcrafted jewellery as the next big thing to be bought online, Myntra – which already houses several jewellery brands – will now showcase the ‘Tribe’ by Amrapali collection of handcrafted jewellery.

amrapali myntra

The association between Myntra and Tribe by Amrapali offers an exotic and popular line up of silver and gold-plated jewellery and will be available in the range of Rs 500-Rs 50,000.

Myntra’s association with Amrapali will expand the reach of the much-sought-after jewellery brand to far corners of the country, especially as Myntra is known for its curated and design-focused approach to retailing. The trend of handcrafted jewellery being bought online, reflects the customer’s growing trust in shopping online.

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