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The Matrix of What’s In And What’s Not


Do you remember coaxing your sister not to wear those flared denims because you thought they were out of fashion? And guess what, six months later, you see everyone wearing it, all over again!

That is the fast changing fashion world for you. What is in today may not be in tomorrow, but wait till the day after tomorrow. There may be a slight tapering, a slight flaring or it may be a game of high waist and low waist, but you can be assured about some change happening.

About pants, their shapes, sizes and cuts have been as unpredictable as it can get. Take palazzos for example – they have been in and out of fashion for years now. But, for the last two years, we can see women wearing it with ethnic wear as well. Palazzos are the new salwar.

The skinny pants are a hit among girls, especially metros. They are easy to style, make you look tall and slim and you do not actually need too many of them. Skinny pants, in an interesting way have brought slouch back in trend. Slouchy blouses and sweaters give an interesting contrast to skinny pants without much fuss.

And let’s not forget the jogger pants, which bring comfort to streetwear and give a relaxed vibe to your outfit. And, in case you are thinking that jogger pants are a hosiery, sportswear item, think again.  Celebrities like Beyonce, Jessica Alba and Kayne West were recently seen rocking leather jogger pants.

Then there are culottes that have the comfort of a skirt and the style of pants. They are one of the recent additions to pants fashion that have caught on with Indian consumers as well. Brands like FabIndia offer culottes with ethnic prints and much more. So log onto your Myntra app and find the styles that suit you the best.

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