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The X Factor Of Success

Failure comes before success in life, as it does in the dictionary. Therefore, it is natural that if you were to see any successful person’s past, the chances are that you would find a long list of failures before they became successful. People like Jack Ma and Oprah Winfrey are not afraid of failing and, in fact, are even proud of their failures and what it taught them.

The same is the case with our very own, Bollywood heartthrob, Hrithik Roshan, who believes that one has to get out of their comfort zones, push their limits in order to taste success. He wanted to share this inspiration with his legion of fans around the world and so created a video titled ‘Defeat Defeat’ for introducing his fitness and lifestyle brand HRX – Push Your Xtreme.

Hrithik said, “Everyone, including me, has been defeated in life. But success comes to those who rise above defeat and understand how to deal with it. I realized that defeat isn’t a real thing, it’s just an illusion! This short film is an attempt to spread this message and encourage people not to give up and forget what failure means before you give victory a shot!”

HRX is India’s first celebrity brand extension project launched in December 2010 and retailed exclusively on the Myntra app. Today the active and casual wear brand, is one of the top leading brands on Myntra. Talking about its success Hrithik said, “The X in HRX is for extreme. It could be anything from achieving the best grades, to working hard, to your fitness and diet regimen”. Hrithik and Myntra’s design team have been involved in designing and developing the overall brand experience for the HRX collection from Day 1. So how do brands like HRX fit into Myntra’s overall grand plan?

“A lot of our in-house brands have grown significantly and are already category leaders on Myntra. Leveraging this opportunity, we are now building them as standalone brands that can grow beyond the Myntra platform,” says Abhishek Verma, Head — Myntra Fashion Brands.

So, at Myntra, the role is not to be just a retailer but a brand house.

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