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The Saga of the ‘Hip-Hop’ Brand


What’s common to Rihanna, Kanye West, and Rita Orra? Yes, they are well known musicians. But what else? The Timberland boot, or more popularly known as the “yellow boot”, is their choice of footwear. The unique symbol of style completes 42 years, this year.

When looking to make a style statement, one cannot miss the iconic “yellow boot” to complement the outdoorsy look. The boot owes its popularity to its sturdiness, and versatility. Besides the workmen or hipsters who sport the look, these boots, over the years, have penetrated into the pop-cultural sphere to become a fashion classic.

Every successful brand endeavors not just to make profits but to connect with its consumers however possible. An internal research survey suggested that catering to different consumer markets help brands to get more people interested in their products. Keeping that in mind, Timberland expanded its product base from boots to clothing to accessories.

Now if you’re heading out on a city trail or an adventure trail, Timberland renders a whole range of products, with a blend of ruggedness and style, most suitable for the “outdoor lifestyler”. Contemporary style is derived from straddling between everyday street wear and workout gear. This fresh focus on styles which are abreast of modern needs, has changed the outlook of the brand. Timberland is also scoring big with its green ideas, by using recycled material for footwear and organic cotton for apparel.

So there’s no reason to hold yourself back. Just go ahead and splurge! Its’ even easier with the new Myntra app, simply download and get your fill of the latest offerings from Timberland.

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