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The Style Called Music

As much as our unique styles are ingrained in us, so is music. Music and fashion are two streams, which never drift too far. Both are so idiosyncratic that it is nearly impossible to determine a specific place of origin for inspiration.

Let’s delve into the psychedelic world of ‘notes and knots’, to discover some prominent musical style icons, right from the rocking 1950s to the rad 90s and how they impacted fashion over the years.

The 50s belonged to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley. This cult figure professed individualism like none other; he wore pinks when no man dared to even think of it.


He simply wore whatever he fancied, sported long hair with fancy side burns, and went on-stage in a bejeweled suit to enthrall everyone.

The 60s were bolder and better. Cher (Cherilyn Sarkisian), the American singer and actress, emerged as a trendsetter in the 60’s for popularizing the hippie fashion with bell-bottoms, bandanas, and Cherokee-inspired tunics.


She took the fashion world with full force and became the first woman to bare her navel on television, fighting the censor board obligations and became the biggest fashion visionary of her time.

The 70s had the swagger of Mick Jagger. A founding member of ‘The Rolling Stones’, this decadent pop star was the original poser with the pout.


The fashion rule book then had all the flamboyant styles, including platform boots, skin-tight flares and floral shirts.

The Blonde Ambition was on rise during the 80s and so was Madonna. The on-stage ensemble, with the cone bra, lace up costumes, headsets, and high platinum ponytails was a rage back then.


Her vivacious fashion sense has been an influence to not just a few but a whole generation of designers.

The grunge rock scene was the inspiration behind grunge look in the 90s. Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain was the trailblazer of thrift shop street style.


Plaid shirts, flannels, combat boots, and a devil may care attitude were rocking the 90s.

The cult fashion symbols left behind a long legacy of trends that are as free-spirited and easy to adopt, as putting on your earphones and tapping in to your favorite music. The pinks for men from the 50s, 60s inspired crop tops, 70s style of soft drapes and floral prints, the ponytail of the 80s, and of course, plaids and checks of the 90s, have made their entry back into the fashion scene today. At Myntra, you can explore and seek all these fashion trends, a one stop shop for all your fashion needs.

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