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Time For A Break, The Mountain Trail Beckons

When you open Facebook, one of the first things that hit you are those fantastic photos your friends are posting while on vacation – out in the lap of nature, hitchhiking their way to happiness! Yes, we know what you must be feeling like. But then, why just look at their photos? Why not forget about everything else this weekend, throw in a few things in your bag and head out?


And don’t worry, when it comes to packing, we always suggest you “go with the right gear”, especially if you are hitchhiking to the mountains or planning a trek. One of the biggest hiking or trekking myths that you would have come across is that you need to have an extensive and expensive hiking gear for a successful trip. You might not need all of that, just carry the essentials. Allow us to help you with this.

So let’s consider clothing first. Fluctuations in temperature are very common in mountain areas even if you are travelling in summer time, so you will need a waterproof lightweight thermal jacket if there is a nip in the air. A Columbia climate high thermal jacket or a The North Face waterproof fit hooded jacket and a Columbia paneled shirt with omni wick technology should do the trick. When it comes to t-shirts and pants, light, quick drying materials are your best bet. In case you are going to be near water or in the snow, a water repellent track pant is a good idea.

Hiking jacket, tee_Myntra

Oh yes, do not forget to carry an extra set of innerwear.

Your backpack only needs to be as technical as the trails you’re hiking. Choose something that is big enough to carry basic food supplies, water, extra clothes, medical supplies and five or more essentials comfortably. But ensure that the weight of bag does not weigh you down when you carry it. A plastic cover for your bag pack in case of rain is a good idea.

Shoes – one of the most important items in your checklist, because your shoes can literally make or break your trip. If your trail involves water or heavy snow, waterproof trekking boots are recommended.

Hiking bagpack, shoes_Myntra

Other accessories like UV-protected or polarised sunglasses, caps/hats, sunscreen (preferably SPF 30 or more), plastic bags, tissues or light towels and first aid kit, perhaps an insect/mosquito repellent too are essential, without going overboard. A good Swiss knife might come in handy as well. Most of these, if not all items on the checklist are readily available on the Myntra app. Don’t you think it is time to take that much needed vacation and hit the road soon?

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