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Treasure Hunt @ Myntra



‘Experiential’ could be the middle name for the Myntra app!

Now our world fits right into our palms. So, we got wondering this one time… What would it be like to venture on a treasure hunt in this exclusive world of our fashion app? We decided that we must try out this experience with our users!

Since we wanted to make things interesting and playful for our app users, we launched the #MyntraQuest contest. With clues coming up every hour, 75 prized products on Myntra were up for grabs at 99 percent discount! Thousands of our shoppers spent the better part of the day trying to solve the clues in order to be the first ones to claim their prize. From shoes to jeans to bags and kurtas, the hunt for the treasures led people down some exciting shopping lanes.

We were totally overwhelmed with the response we received from participants and winners on our social platforms about their loot. And it didn’t end there, we had some more rewards later that evening, for those who missed out on the Quest!

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