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Vaishvik – A Unique Blend Of Fashion And Legacy

Fashion doesn’t only belong to the runways; it is deeply rooted in ancient civilization. And, ‘Vaishvik’ is a brand that draws its inspirations from that idea.  Engineer turned designer and founder of this brand, Rajesh Marathe was part of Myntra’s Fashion Incubator program – a unique initiative for budding designers which helped him launch this brand. It represents a flavour of ancient Indian heritage and modern lifestyle.

Rajesh Marathe_MFI designer

Ideally suited for youngsters, from college goers to the first time office goer, this brand is a unique blend of fashion and legacy. Speaking to Freshly Mynted, designer Rajesh Marathe is all excited about the launch of his brand.

Here is Rajesh sharing his journey from being an engineer to a fashion designer.

Talking about his early days of building the brand and challenges faced, he says, “I used to sell my brand in small exhibitions. As I am from an engineering background, the greatest challenge I faced was getting right people on board. But I did not have a single contact in the industry. I spent hours, rather days to find the right artists to design my t shirts. I traveled for days and months in the bylanes of Mumbai to find right vendors.”

In spite of facing several challenges, Rajesh fondly cherishes few memories. He says, “I remember the day when a lady came to our stall and after seeing our concept and designs she literally broke into tears. Now moments like these are precious. It’s an amazing feeling when you realise that your initiative has touched someone’s heart.”

He adds, “It’s been a long journey now, but all the hard work paid off when ‘Vaishvik’ was launched on India’s leading fashion platform. It’s truly a dream come true for me!”


Rajesh is passionate about bringing history alive at every possible human interaction. He goes to the extent of stating that every single purchase of ‘Vaishvik’ will be counted and a small portion will go towards preserving ancient Indian heritage and legacy.

Now, that’s truly an appreciable work in helping people connect to their roots.

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