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Viva La Vie Bohème This Season

This time, it is more than Coachella, or any other music festival for that matter. Bohemian fashion is out there, being embraced by the likes of Kendell Jenner to regular people who go about their daily lives.

So don’t get shocked if you see a myriad of gladiators, dreamcatchers, and everything fringed at your local market, read Janpath or Fashion Street. Most of the 2018 Spring Summer runways – from Emilio Pucci to Anamika Khana – were all about free-spirited and whimsical pieces. Brands like All About You, Mango, W, and Faballey have also introduced Boho-inspired staples that will change the way you look at day-to-day clothing.

Bohemian fashion has gone mainstream in a big way this year. We may not have a desi Vanessa Hudgens yet, but our celebrities are sporting similar trends almost every week. Most of us have already started gushing about Sara Ali Khan’s maxi dress, and stocking bohemian styled tops and feather earrings.

Here are a few tips to get your bohemian style on point this season.

The Basics

Basic bohemian look

Before you go looking for accessories, you gotta get your basics straight. Pick up a Banjara style skirt or dresses with batik or Ikat prints. Tie and dye prints rule the roost when it comes to Bohemian fashion. If you are a-shorts-kinda-girl, basic denim cutoffs will do. Just make sure you have blouses with flared sleeves or kaftans or a crochet top to get the look right.

Top It Up With Accessories

Bohemian accessories

When it comes to creating a Bohemian style outfit, accessories are non-negotiable.  Danglers, hoops (the bigger the better) and feather earrings are a must-have. Statement necklaces are cool as well. But you know what adds the most bohemian fashion? Stacked bracelets. You don’t have to pick ready-made stacked ones. Get your creative juices flowing. Just buy 5-6 dainty or chunky or a mix of both bracelets and watch the magic happen.

Choose The Right Handbag

Bohemian colorful handbags

Canvas bags, Floral tote bags, potli bags, fringed bags of course, or cross body bags with embellishments. You take your pick. Do follow some basic rules though. Don’t wear a fringed top if you are planning to carry a fringed bag. Choose bags with ethnic prints or embroideries. If nothing seems to work, just pick a simple tan bag and tie a tiny scarf to it.

Glare Up To Finish The Look

Bohemian sunglasses

To finish up your boho chic look, go for the right pair of sunglasses. The round-framed glasses were a sensation back in the 60s and 70s and they have been back in fashion for a while now. There is no dearth of options in colors, frames, and designs by the top brands. So, put on your glares and look at life through rose tinted glasses; La Vie En Rose…

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