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We Are Getting Very Personal

How remarkable is the power of mobility! It is hard to think of any tool, any instrument, any object in history with which you have developed so close a relationship, so quickly, as you have with your phones.

From the moment you get up till your head falls back on the pillow, the phone serves virtually every purpose. Explore the day’s weather – hot, humid or that unexpected downpour. Scroll news. Check how you look – and while you are at it, take a selfie and post it on Facebook. Book a movie or tickets for weekend trip. WhatsApp. Tweet. Yes, you walk, talk and sleep with your phones. In essence, every bit of your life is a byte on the phone.

At Myntra, we like to keep this interaction beyond being transactional and make it personal and engaging. So, as you browse through product categories on Myntra, the app automatically starts putting together your preferences and displays options that are more likely to be of interest to you. It might even ping you with a notification saying, “Hi, we saw you were looking for tops. We have the perfect collection for you.”

Today mobile apps like Myntra have helped people transition from browsing and buying to becoming a style partner, a social platform that you can share with your close group of friends. From the smart suit that you set your heart on and need someone to simply say ‘go for it’, to the selection of colour, the style advisor will tell you what looks best on you.

Didn’t we say we’re getting personal? Look out for more features to be launched on the Myntra app soon.

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