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Wear cologne the right way

Whether you’re at work or the bar, your overpowering scent manages to tingle nostrils of even those standing at a good distance. Gloating after over-grooming? Trust us when we say it’s a total overkill!

The idea is not to marinate yourself in the overpowering scent of your cologne. A man should apply cologne only at the ‘pulse points’ for that sophisticated yet subtle fragrance. Pulse points are – behind the ears, on the inside of the wrists, inside the elbows and the sides of your neck.

A signature scent is for the old scotch swirling gentlemen! Choose your scent according to the season. A light citrusy scent is perfect for summer. During winter, a full-bodied spicy or woodsy fragrance is more suitable.


Cologne lasts longer if you have oily skin (it soaks up the scent) as opposed to dry skin. Guys with dry skin can dab a little more in that case.


Applying cologne after a hot shower will make you smell great all day as your open pores absorb the scent and make it last longer.


Opt for a light-scented soap and fragrance-free deodorant before applying your cologne in order to avoid mixing smells.

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