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Wearing your Superheroes

We never quite grow out of our favourite cartoon or superhero characters, do we? Be it Tom & Jerry, Disney, Archie, Garfield, Snoopy, Star Wars or the entire brigade of Marvel and DC Comics, there is always something fascinating about them.

Caps, t-shirts, accessories and even footwear quite commonly sport these characters, and companies are in fact exploring and expanding opportunities in the licensing arena. In line with changing dynamics of retailing in India, e-commerce channels have become one of the most important ways to market licensed products.

Few months back while unveiling the Disney collection for Anouk on Myntra, celebrity stylist Aki Narula said that “Indian apparel has seen a great deal of experimentation over the past few years with contemporary motifs, asymmetrical cuts and free flowing designs finding their way into Indian wear representing the changing taste of Indian women. I am very inspired to see the interpretation of the iconic Mickey Mouse character on Indian wear.”


This is true for not only Anouk or women’s apparel, but for another in-house brand Kook n Keech as well, which is known for its quirky, fun and humorous style of designs. Around 40-50 percent of the brand’s collection comes under the licensing umbrella, according to Kook n Keech AVP, Parag Saxena, with Disney being the major licensor. Character licensing such as Archie Comics and Garfield, and licensing music related content in agreement with Universal Music Group, are also in the pipeline for the brand.

Not too many brands are known to operate in the licensed footwear space and this has been one of the top performing categories in Kook n Keech. For instance, don’t you think Star Wars fans would be psyched to don some really cool Darth Vader flip flops, if given a choice?


We often end up identifying creative and quirky choices with certain personalities. Many a time it brings out the child in us, or becomes a unique way of expression. With choices that go beyond just apparel, consumers are happy to cash in on the growing trend.


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