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What Scent Will You Catch On Today?

Patrick Süskind, in his novel Perfume, describes the protagonist as a gifted perfume maker. The character, Jean- Baptiste-Grenouille goes on to create the world’s finest perfumes based on his extraordinary sense of smell.

The art of making perfumes which began in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt was spread to Europe by the 12th century, where it was refined by the Romans and Persians. Even in India, perfumes and perfumery have existed since the Indus Valley Civilization.


But how do you know what’s a great perfume? One that invokes your senses or one whose distinct smell complements your personality. However, discovering the right scent for yourself can be tricky. Every perfume has three basic levels – top, middle and base notes, that is, the initial scent, the settled scent and the lasting scent respectively. It is the base notes or the lasting scents which determine the perfume family.

Take a look at some broad families of perfumes to get a whiff of all those varied notes and decide which suits your personality best.

Floral: One of most diverse and preferred family of fragrances, floral perfumes are best suited for daytime. On its own or mixed with other perfumes, floral scents are fresh, soft and summery. Common floral perfumes include jasmine, rose, gardenia, and iris. Just tap into the Myntra app to find your perfect floral scent in the form of Estee Lauder’s Pleasures Bloom EDP (Product code: 293958). This perfume has notes of violet flower, pink peony, rose, jasmine, and green lily.

Oriental: Most evocative of the perfumes, oriental scents are inspired by heady mixtures of warm exotic spices and woody notes.  To represent a secretive and mysterious persona or to smell enigmatic – oriental perfumes should be your favorite. Baldessarini’s M Concentree Perfume (Product code: 44028) with a heart of patchouli, cumin and cloves; and the base notes of sandalwood, spruce, tobacco, ambergris and musk makes a magnificent scent that can be worn all day.

The perfect perfume

Oceanic: Perfumes that conjure up smells which remind you of oceans, the mountain air, or the waterfalls fall into the family of oceanic or marine scents. The composition with an oceanic accord is most suitable for extroverted and vivacious personalities. The best known aquatic fragrances available are Davidoff Cool Water collection. Another popular perfume with oceanic base notes is Issey Miyake’s L’eau D’issey for men & women (Product code: 910282, 910285).

Fruity: Another bright and light family of fragrances with citrus sweet smell is one of fruity scents. Most popular fragrances include citruses like orange, verbena and sweet smelling fruits like strawberries, apples, and peaches. BOSS Orange Celebration with accords of apple, peach and plum are a quirky and fresh scent for women to flaunt all day.

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