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What’s Your Love Story?

“One does not seek love, it should find you all on its own.” – Barbara Lieberman.

Love can be found at the strangest of places and no two love stories are ever the same. This Valentine’s Day, Myntra’s designers Darshna and Vidhi, of Lokal South and The Ink Bucket respectively, bring you stories from some amazing people on finding love.

Check out this latest video from Myntra sharing some unique love stories.

So yes, love has no boundaries. You may find your true love in the eyes of a furry friend, with their lovey dovey eyes and flapping ears. Or someone with whom you find the soothing soft music to be an instant connection. It could be the pages of a book you get lost in, and yet where you find yourself; the love of a biker’s life – her bike! Or it could simply be your culinary skills which light that fire in you. Cheers to finding your love this Valentine!

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