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When Tommy Met Gigi

Unlike many models that ruled the runway till last decade, Gigi Hadid is not wafer thin. But that is not the only thing that separates her from the others. Hadid also projects herself as the girl-next-door which her fans find very endearing. Coming to fans, Hadid boasts of 34.3 million followers on Instagram alone. No surprise she is dubbed as the social supermodel.

With her brilliant reach on social media, Hadid is changing the way models are seen in today’s world. She shares pictures of every campaign she is into (and paid for it of course), gives a glimpse of her personal life and expresses her point of view as well. Hadid is one of the top models of today and social media has played the most important role in her career.

Gigi Hadid Tommy Hilfiger

When Hadid walked for Tommy Hilfiger for the first time in 2015, her look received millions of hits. “When she hit the runway, the fans went crazy, they wanted to buy everything she was wearing, and Avery Baker, our CMO, and I talked at length about how we could use Gigi not just for being a model, because that’s not enough in this day and age,” Hilfiger says. “We wanted to take it much, much further; we wanted to do something that was a breakthrough, disruptive. I think a designer has never partnered with a model before and allowed the model to have a very serious hand in designing the collection.”

The result was a capsule collection that was sold at super-fast speed, at both online and offline stores. The success of the first collection is now followed by the second TOMMY X GIGI collection which has denims, a bomber jacket, a dress, a skirt, a crop top, and t-shirts, among other things. What’s more, you can shop from this unique TOMMY X GIGI collection on Myntra to add a slice of California style to the street fashion of an Indian summer.

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