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Women And Footwear, An Old Love Affair

“I have too many shoes” – said no woman ever. Yes, that’s right. A woman might even admit that she has too many clothes in her wardrobe, but she can never have enough shoes. Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness was, maybe, perhaps, a tad right… but clearly they could not have known the heady exaltation a woman feels when she goes shoe shopping!

Women’s love affair with shoes go back a long way. Think about it. What are first things belonging to their mother that begin to fascinate little girls? Probably their mother’s lipsticks, and footwear. There are countless adorable memories of little girls flopping around the house in their mothers’ heels.

Women's footwear

Women shoppers on the Myntra app prove this. According to a survey conducted by Myntra, one in every three Myntra consumers who are women buy footwear every quarter! This buying pattern is significantly prominent in women between the age bracket of 25-29 year olds. What’s more, young college girls and girls who have recently started working demonstrate an even higher propensity towards shoe shopping – they buy shoes almost on a monthly basis!

It is said that shoes you choose are the ones that go with your personality. Here’s an interesting anecdote about the star of the iconic show Sex and the City, Sarah Jessica Parker. Said Parker in an interview once, “Sometimes, when we’re about to shoot a close up, the director will tell me that I can take off my shoes as my feet won’t be in the frame. But I’ve never done it. The expression of a woman in flats is totally different from one in heels.”

On that note, it is interesting to see that women in certain cities have a preference for certain kinds of shoes. Delhi prefers flats, while the ladies in Kolkata veer towards heels, according to the survey. The survey also reveals that almost 90 percent of customers, especially in the 21-24 year age group, said that wearing flats while dancing is more comfortable than dancing in heels. It seems Delhi girls love to put on their dancing shoes a lot!

Interestingly, many Myntra customers under the age of 24, confessed to dreaming about footwear! If that isn’t true love, what is? All we can say is, the Myntra app can make those dreams come true.

How long since you bought a shoe?

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