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You Are Never Too Young To Be Stylish!

Pinks and Blues are just too passe for today’s generation – or, let’s put it this way, they make their choices on what to wear and don’t like to limit their sense of style in gender-based colour codes. Pink might just be ‘in’ for the young boy who decides he likes that look. And the young lady might think Neptune blue was her colour.

Welcome to the world of the young and fashionable children who are setting trends in their own little world. Children nowdays are dressed to hit the ramp and have a distinct style quotient. In this day and age, therefore, it becomes mandatory for brands and retailers to cater to this new section of consumers or the ‘kidsumers’.

Just like their adult counterparts, children too are trend conscious. This is especially true for kids between seven and fourteen years of age. In this demographic, kids are more vocal about their choices and can make their parents sit up and pay heed to what they want to wear.

For younger kids up to the age of six- the size, fit, quality and texture are a priority for parents but for older kids the brand value and style becomes a key factor in influencing what they want to buy. A recent survey conducted by Myntra reported that children of all age groups are more inclined to buy clothing that goes with the current trends and look fashionable rather than buying something for its fit.

On the Myntra app, we have a diverse catalogue which caters to kids of all ages. Our focus is not just to offer the latest collection in global trends but also laying emphasis on the quality and fitting. With the increasing number of kids who are aware of the fashion trends, we aim to cater to their needs with our fashionable and trendy collection.

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