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Zoom Gets A Fashion Makeover By Myntra

The generation of the 90’s and 2000’s grew up watching VJs, anchors, roadies, and TV show hosts set the small screen ablaze with their dynamic presence. Some of them were as much of style and youth icons as seasoned Bollywood celebs, and the desire to look like them and be like them was strong in the hearts of youngsters.

Young fashionistas are a good example of the hardworking lot who love to fix their wardrobe and put together looks they admire in the oh-so-fashionable celebs. From scouring local markets to going through brand websites with a fine toothcomb, they would go to any length to sport a celeb-inspired style.

Zoom Styled By Myntra

Now, wouldn’t it be awesome if the style icons, in their fashionable avatars, the brands that make them look so, and one of the leading entertainment platforms of the country came together? So that is exactly what has happened with the Myntra-Zoom partnership. Starting April 19, Zoom has unveiled its new avatar – ‘Zoom Styled By Myntra’. Transitioning to a platform agnostic entertainment destination, Zoom has improvised their style quotient, with a helping hand from Myntra.

Zoom is now engaged in storytelling that will be infused with a new look and feel with new shows, web-series, formats and also exclusive experiences that will make Zoom India’s one-stop youth entertainment destination. Not only will viewers be privy to new and refreshed content, they will be part of experiences beyond screens that will be warm, stylish and relatable, reflecting todays coming of age stories, and viewers’ own lives and relationships.

Fashion as a category lends itself naturally to the video and web format, much more than any other category. Through this unique partnership, Myntra aims to make “buy it as you see it” a reality, where what the consumer sees on screen can be easily accessed on Myntra. Together, Zoom and Myntra are creating a new chapter in the fashion space in India.

Each show will be styled by Myntra, and viewers will see fresh new faces, stylised looks and latest trends from the fashion platform.

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