A Sneak Peek Inside Myntra’s Innovation Lab

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall…” – we’re all too familiar with this line, a testament to the great work of fiction by Hans Christian Anderson, popularized in our times by Disney’s animated film. If you have ever enacted this famous scene from Snow White in front of your mirror, hoping against hope that your mirror is indeed magic and will talk back to you, well, your wait is finally over. In what can be described as an incredible breakthrough, Myntra is developing its own version of the Magic Mirror, and many more such interesting and helpful products.

Myntra innovation labs

Innovation Labs: Mixing Magic and Technology

Myntra Innovation Labs, started in 2017, was an active effort by the retail giants to venture into the field of tech wearables. The team at Myntra Innovation Labs works on devising rapidly scalable, accessible, and advanced solutions for a host of technological augments which will address some of the most commonly faced wardrobe problems, and also offer new solutions to customers to make their e-commerce experience more wholesome.

The Magic Mirror is a concept designed to make your life easier. We all face the perennial dilemma, standing in front of our wardrobe mirror, staring at it blankly while sifting through a pile of clothes, looking for the perfect outfit for the day. Myntra Innovation Labs have designed an app to help you pick out your clothes. All one needs to do is take your run of the mill ‘mirror selfie’, and over a period of time, the intelligent app will familiarize itself with your wardrobe, and recommend you clothes based on gathered data. Another feature of the mirror is that all the clothes don’t need to be from Myntra, they can be from your local artisan or from halfway across the world, and the app takes them all into account.

Other Products

This app will also have a kiosk version which would further simulate the experience of being in front of a mirror. It is to be placed in malls and offline stores. Yet another stellar innovation is a concept of ‘Talking Tees’. Based on place and time, these tees will display contextual interactive content such as different slogans and designs.

The latest product from the Innovation Labs that was a raging success was the Blink Go, a smart watch that helps you track your fitness levels and set goals to achieve a healthier body and mind. The newly launched smartwatch was snapped up by enthusiastic customers within the first 15 hours of the Myntra’s flagship End of Reason Sale last month.

In addition to this, Myntra Innovation Labs are in the process of lining up products that use computer vision, augmented reality, mixed and virtual reality, incorporating the Internet of Things. Further, Apple’s new ARKit framework is being leveraged to resolve problems of size mismatch, in order to cut on product return requests.

Most of these futuristic products are early in their life cycle. While some of them are already in the core product, some are yet to see the light of day. Myntra is also developing a t-shirt design where users can see the various parts of a motorcycle’s engine. While it’s early and it will be sometime before the t-shirts hit the market, there are a number of ways in which various brands can leverage the technology behind it.

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