As we gear up for EORS, this Environment Day, these brands on Myntra talk about bringing fashion and sustainability together

Environment Day is celebrated across the globe to encourage awareness and action for the protection of the environment. This year’s theme is ‘One Earth’, focusing on “living sustainably in harmony with nature”.

Building a sustainable future is the need of the hour. With gradual yet steady steps toward environmental conservation, Myntra walks the talk on sustainability. Some of the initiatives across the entire value chain include joining hands with Canopy and Better Cotton for responsible sourcing, and building Myntra for Earth for responsible offering and 100 percent plastic-free packaging.

In this journey, the support of our brand partners, who bring fashion and sustainability together, has been pivotal. Ahead of EORS 16, a 6-day fashion carnival slated to be held between June 11-16, for shoppers of fashion and beauty across the country, our brand partners give insights into their sustainable missions, how it brings the elements of fashion and sustainability together, how they are gearing up for the 16th edition of EORS, and more.

Prakrti, Ankit Saxena, Founder

Ankit Saxena PrakrtiOur sustainability mission

To reduce carbon footprint by adopting sustainable practices and creating sustainable development opportunities for artisans. By upcycling the polyester fabric to make apparel, we have been able to increase the circularity of the fabric by continuing its use in the supply chain.

Making sustainable fashion popular

Prakrti’s aim is to continue to raise awareness about various traditional art form of block printing like dabu and ajrak among our customers. This art form is also a source of employment for many artisans we work with.

Gearing up for EORS 16

We are geared up for the 16th edition of the EORS and have all readiness in place, including a showcase of new listings, inventory readiness, quality checks, extra manpower, and offers on all styles!

Ed-a-Mamma, Iffat Jivan, Business Head

Iffar Jivan Ed-A-MammaOur sustainability mission

Ed-a-Mamma is a brand that cares about children and the earth. Pegged on storytelling and engaging with children at multiple levels, we inculcate good habits and encourage children to adopt environment-first practices, kindness towards animals, and make better choices.

Making sustainable fashion popular

Our range of ‘Conscious Clothing’ is thoughtfully designed with fabrics that are all plant-based and degradable. Our buttons are plastic-free, while our tags can be re-used as bookmarks. Each garment comes with a little ‘potli’ filled with a seed ball, a tree waiting to be planted – an activity designed to get children and parents outdoors.

Gearing up for EORS 16

For EORS-16, we are geared up to witness an increased interest in sustainable fashion. With placements like ‘Myntra for Earth Store’, we’re excited to be in the spotlight as one of the leading sustainable brands in the kids apparel space.

Beej, Arundhati Kumar, Founder

Arundhati Founder BeejOur sustainability mission

At Beej, our vision is to make sustainability a mainstream fashion choice and we do it through the materials we work with.

Making sustainable fashion popular

Our products are testimony to the fact that style and sustainability can and must co-exist. Myntra for Earth is a great platform for small sustainable brands like ours to reach out to a mainstream fashion audience.

Gearing up for EORS 16

For the EORS, we are ensuring our bestsellers are fully stocked, so our conscious consumers don’t need to wait to get their favorite sustainable products in hand. There has been a slow yet definite shift towards shopping sustainably and I think this will only increase in the days to come as buyers realize the deep impact of their fashion choices on the planet.

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