Attractive Blouse Designs You Should Check Out This Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights, is just around the corner. Since we were young, Diwali was all about getting together with family and friends while looking your best. While there are many options in ethnic wear that people try out during the season, sarees tend to be the most preferred choice among the ladies.

In a saree, there are two aspects that can be seen as the stars of the outfit – the fabrics and the blouses. This of finding great sarees to wear during Diwali online shopping spree.

Eye-catching Blouse Designs you should check out

There is something special about a good blouse design that can elevate the look of a saree to a whole different level. Not just designer sarees, but even simple and plain sarees look awesome when paired with a stunning designer blouse. That is why we shall be exploring some eye-catching latest blouse designs that you should consider to flaunt this Diwali.


Often considered a bold choice in blouse back designs, cut out blouses can be a great choice for festive occasions like Diwali too. Just avoid any deep back cut out designs and you would attract all the appreciation you would expect for the outfit.


While this one is not a new blouse design, Dori blouses continue to be popular among the masses. Over the years, the popularity of Dori blouses has only risen as people have begun to look beyond the skin show aspect and experiment with their saree look without indecent exposure.


This blouse back design has been the rage at many parties and it can have a similar effect on Diwali. By adding a bow to the blouse design, this blouse gets a simple, distinctive and appealing look.


Those who prefer more conservative choices in blouse designs can opt for the embellished collared blouse. While most of the blouse has a simple look that shows no skin, it is the embellished collar that catches the eye here. With few simple tweaks in the blouse neck designs, the blouse manages to capture the attention.

That is it from us for now. These blouse designs should serve as a spark of inspiration to explore exciting options in latest blouse designs. So, next time you think of just picking any readymade blouse for Diwali or similar festive occasion, think harder. That is because fashion is all about pushing the boundaries of style.

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