Back to Office | Through the lens of the newest members of Myntra

We welcomed our newest members of Myntra into the world of Awesome amidst the buzz and excitement around the design, architecture, interiors, and overall aesthetics. As an organisation that takes pride in fostering a workplace culture that inspires, supports, creates opportunities and enables learning in abundance, we are super excited to hear the excitement from our newest Myntraites about being back in the office and our new workspace in Bangalore.

Aishwarya Gupta, Associate Buyer – Category, Accessory – Women’s

Myntra employees

About Joining Myntra

I have always looked up to Myntra for bringing the best of brands and trends. I follow a lot of popular bloggers on social media handles who style their looks with brands on Myntra platforms. This made me want to be part of the Myntra team who’s always at the top of their fashion and tech game. It was my third attempt to be a part of this organization, and I finally made it!

Kudos to Myntra for giving opportunities to many aspiring people like myself embarking on their career journey. For me, it’s a milestone achieved and there is a long way to go.

First impression

The first thing that caught my attention was the open spaces to work, a lot of greenery, the vibrant use of colors, the inspiring bold statements/quotes that motivate one to go beyond and give their best shot, and may I say, a very happening, cool vibe!

Your favorite corner

It’s more than one. I love the beautiful wall which says, “Your life is a message to the world, make it bold”, it really inspires me to go beyond my limits and explore new opportunities.

There is another corner with a huge, woven canvas which holds a handmade textile. It reminds of our deep connect with and pride in our rich Indian heritage and culture. It’s lovely to see Myntra connecting fashion to our cultural legacy at a deeper level.

Looking Ahead

To learn new things, share new ideas, and contribute towards Myntra’s mission of making the world colorful, happier, and stylish!

One interesting aspect about you that’s not privy to many!

I believe in self magic. I create my happiness around very small things – my own space of being happy, joyful and fruitful.

Hardik Taneja, Senior User Experience Researcher, User Experience Design

work at myntra

About Joining Myntra

I was super-psyched from the very beginning. Myntra being the benchmark for user experience and design, I always wanted to know what goes behind the scenes and screens.  On top of all, I am glad to be part of a team that is so human-centered and forward-facing.

First impression of walking into the new Myntra office

Big, Bold and Beautiful! And it started when I saw the Myntra logo on a green vertical garden wall from outside. When I first entered the office building, it did not even feel like an office – it felt like an experiential space with all the fashion exhibits. Knowing that I would be working in such a cool space really left me excited all week and beyond. Topping it all up was my workstation on the 2nd floor facing the gaming arcade – the child in me sprang out. No doubt, the best thing was the warm and welcoming team, and wide smiles all around.

Your favorite corner

Nap pods, gaming arcade and a snack bar on every floor.

You look most forward to

Stretching some creative muscles and shaping the way people look at fashion, with the most capable team!

One interesting nugget about you that’s not privy to many

I like to sit by myself and do nothing sometimes, maybe just observe the life around me. It always fascinates me how the world we interact with is mostly designed by us and can be further shaped by us.

Vinay Balraj – Manager, Non-Trade Commercials – Procurement

Vinay Balraj MyntraAbout Joining Myntra

So far, I have been on the other side of the spectrum – a loyal Myntra customer. I have seen how the innovation, offering and the overall shopping experience on the platform has only gotten better and better over time. This inspired me to be a part of this creative team who’s at the forefront of pioneering many industry-first innovations. Joining Myntra was my dream, and it has come true!

First impression

The beautiful office – the conversational design, the modern interiors, and the vibrant colors aligned with Myntra’s brand ethos. I was also overwhelmed to be treated with welcome goodies and a nice, handcrafted coffee to make our first day even more special!

Favorite corner

Gaming zone – it’s such a fun place to relax, and a pantry that serves multi-cuisine food on the house!

Looking Ahead

Utilize my skills to the fullest to contribute to Myntra’s mission and be a part of creating a fashion revolution.

One interesting aspect about you that’s not privy to many!

I like upskilling, especially my analytical skills. I am a Football fan; I love playing the sport.

Shreya Arora, Senior Software Engineer – User Platform

Shreya Arora Software engineer MyntraAbout Joining Myntra

I was super thrilled when I got the offer from Myntra. I wanted to join Myntra because it is the industry leader in fashion tech space. Once I joined the office, met other Myntraites, and experienced the culture, I knew Myntra was the best place to work.

First impression of walking into the new Myntra office

How the theme of fashion is so well blended with the office design. The first thing that caught my attention was the fashion and tech fun facts scribbled over the walls. I also noticed the reception walls that summarize the journey of Myntra and its evolution over the years. The meeting rooms have been named after fashion-related terms which is pretty cool.

Your favorite corner

Difficult to choose one, but if I absolutely must, it will have to be the gaming zone! This is one of the many areas from which you will come out with a lot more energy and enthusiasm.

You look most forward to

Exploring new things, learning new tech and meeting the creative, innovative people here.

One interesting aspect about you that’s not privy to many!

I was an RJ in my college. I have created many podcasts for my college and my previous company.

The new office is where creative minds come together to innovate technologies that are shaping the e-commerce industry and the way fashion is consumed, and in the process, create a stellar experience for everyone to work together – sellers, customers, and ecosystem partners. This is where the MAGIC happens.

We are super excited to welcome these new Myntraites to the family and be a part of their journey!

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