Being My Own Boss: MFI Designer, Priyanka


To embark on a journey as an entrepreneur is never easy. There were several reasons I could never quit my job – I had worked in the industry for nearly a decade, I had grown in my career, my paycheck brought great security, there was plenty of travel, wonderful planned holidays whenever I wanted and most importantly, I could step out of office & leave work behind.

I have been married for a few years, had a great life in Mumbai and things seemed to be going better than planned. While I was in my comfort zone, the desire to start my own company was becoming impossible to curb. So I ditched the safety net and took a plunge to bring alive my own apparel brand – Encrypt.

So far, I have learned something new every day. A lot of these learning are about business, but the most important ones are about realization and self-growth.

Simplify your mission: It is a good idea to spend a lot of time understanding your mission– what your business is? Who is your market? What does it represent? Having a clear understanding of your mission will help you in decision making and at a later stage, effortlessly share your vision with your team.

Having said that, don’t be a perfectionist while beginning your adventure in entrepreneurship. Nailing your niche will take a few attempts – you will know when it is time to revisit & adapt your core.

Do more with less: While starting out, you will have to manage your limited resources ‘realistically’. If you are a solo start-up and do not have a team yet, you will need to spread yourself too thin. Prioritize and expect less from others & more from yourself. Once you start functioning in this mode, you will see the energy translate!

Build relationships: Talk to people, share your ideas and hear them out. At times, people from varied walks of life can bring significant insights. This gives you a chance to validate the assumptions that you’ve arrived at. While it’s good to set your filters, be flexible to opinions.

Be an optimist: Entrepreneurship is all about resilience. Along the way, you will get disillusioned and would want to crawl back to your comfort zone. Especially while starting up, it’s difficult to keep the fire in your belly alight. Find a way to motivate yourself.

Look for creative solutions: There is an old clichéd saying “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible!” It’s incredible how you can tune yourself to applying this in principal when you hit a roadblock. Look for innovative solutions, collaborations, and even barters when necessary. While an entrepreneur, get used to making your own rules!

Above all, enjoy this whole transitional journey, for it’s going to make your best story!

Do it. Love it. Don’t settle for less.

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