Types of Raincoat you can Invest in this Monsoon 2022

After our enlightening monsoon footwear series, we thought we should talk about the different rainwear that will allow you to enjoy the rain unlike ever before. Whether you are riding a bike, going to school, or wish to complete your morning walk during the monsoons, raincoats are a big saviour. Don’t you agree?

Raincoats are lightweight and are one such gear that can easily fit and slide into your backpack, tote or laptop bag. More than their practical wearability, they are also stylish and adorable, giving you the perfect excuse to let your jacket be the statement fashion piece for your monsoon outfit.

So, what are we waiting for? Letting you soak in the rain? Not at all. We have compiled a list of raincoats for men and women that you can get your hands on Myntra. So, without any further ado, let us get started and browse the different types.

Rain Jackets

rain jacketThese short raincoats descend to the waist or hip. Rain jackets feature a collar and a hood that does not let the water trickle inside. You can pair these types of raincoats with rain trousers or pants for complete protection during heavy rains. They are available in various colours so you can choose the one you prefer.

 Trench Coat Style

Long raincoatThese long raincoats are much lengthier than rain jackets, almost covering the body fully. Just like trench coats, they have a belt to cinch the waist, along with a zipper fastening to ensure dual protection against rain. These raincoats are very popular because of their trendy design. So, if you do not want to compromise on style, buy these long trench raincoats.


windcheater jacketThese jackets are perfect for windy days with light rains. Windcheaters are lightweight and made of thin, water-resistant fabrics designed to better withstand wind chills. Besides protection, these coats also keep you warm, so you can use them during winters too. These reasons make them a perfect addition to your monsoon and winter wardrobe.


rain ponchosHeavy rain alert? No worries, ponchos are here to help you on the days when it is raining cats and dogs. They are very easy to wear—you just need to slip on the garment over your head, and you are good to go. Moreover, the loose fit of ponchos allows for better ventilation and cuts down weight because you would not have to pack additional backpack rain covers.

Buy Trendy Raincoats for Women, Men and Kids at Myntra

Now that you know the different types of raincoats, choose the one that meets your needs before the monsoon takes over the country. So, travel without interruptions shopping for the best rain gear. Also, do not forget to sport your monsoon sandals during the rainy season to avoid impairing your regular shoes. And on the days when you do not feel like layering a jacket, you could always opt for umbrellas. Get monsoon-ready with Myntra by shopping for all the essentials today, whether you want to buy clothes, skincare, makeup, footwear or rain gears. Find everything you need under one roof exclusively at Myntra.

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