Bringing The Silicon Valley Start-Up Culture Home

All work and no play make employees a dull lot. The space that we occupy for so many hours a day does grow on us, wouldn’t you agree? Research has now led to the conclusion that workspaces can impact overall performance and productivity. And we took this seriously, not only by designing a fresh, colorful and unique workspace but also building a strong company culture that inspires both teamwork and friendly competition.

Founder of our company Mukesh Bansal wanted to create a workplace for us which is unique for a tech startup, but very much along the lines of what a major fashion label’s office could be. He said, “We have always believed that the brand mission starts at home. We’ve broken new ground of how we think of office space. I was really inspired by the start-up culture in Silicon Valley, which is very flat with no hierarchy. With this new office, we aim to inspire people every day by what we do, an environment that lets them be productive and do their best.”

Our office is structured to be fun and lives up to the reputation of being one of the most fashionable offices in India. It houses a terrace cafeteria, gym, library, auditorium, open lounges and a gaming room to keep us happy. Let’s not say much but let you watch the video, which brings the Silicon Valley start-up culture to life.

Over the years, we have fostered a culture of fun and transparency with events such as the Monthly All Hands Meets, Sports @ Myntra initiative, Founding Day Annual Celebration for employees and their families and lots more. Doing all these activities together has brought us closer and shown us the eccentric traits of ourselves and our colleagues.

We bet you were awestruck by our new office. Isn’t it cool?

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