Celebrating the Fathers at Myntra

“A father’s tears and fears are unseen, his love is unexpressed, but his care and protection remains as a pillar of strength throughout our lives.”Ama H. Vanniarachchy 

Being a dad is a lifetime commitment that fathers fulfill with selfless love, infinite patience and unwavering dedication! Father’s Day is a special occasion and an opportunity to express one’s gratitude to the wonderful dads out there, the first superhero of any child.

So here’s wishing all fathers at Myntra a fabulous Father’s Day! We are proud to say that we at Myntra understand the importance of this life-changing journey and support our employees in every way possible. We have increased the number of paid paternity leaves to six weeks to give new dads the much-needed time to be with their family at such a critical stage of their lives. The revised policy also covers adoption, surrogacy and same sex partners.

We are also offering a host of other benefits such as gift vouchers for the newborn, vaccination coverage for the child/children, flexible working options and organizing sessions for their overall wellness. New fathers can also avail work from home, once a week for three months, immediately after completing the paternity leave.

All for wellness

The wellbeing of a father is important for the wellbeing of his family. At Myntra, we recognize the role of fathers as well, in the overall journey of parenthood, and we are taking initiatives to foster an environment of physical, emotional and financial well-being for all the fathers and to-be fathers.

As part of our paternity wellness initiative, we host workshops and Employee Assistance Programs for new fathers at Myntra. These include help with financial planning and parenting workshops as a way to support the to-be dads as they start their new journey.

The contributions of a father in the overall upbringing and development of a child are invaluable. As a Diverse and Inclusive workplace, we are cognizant of the needs of a father and are happy to support them in their journey of fatherhood.

This Father’s Day, we at Myntra, applaud the spirit of all the fathers in the house!

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