Coming Full Circle With Sneakers

Former First Lady of the US, Michelle Obama, recently shared an Instagram post where she is wearing monochromatic skinny jeans and sweater, with daughter Malia’s favourite Low Top sneakers to go with it. Just goes to show that if there’s one footwear trend that has caught on big-time and matches almost any outfit that one may be wearing, including the chic LBD, it’s a pair of sneakers.

Sneaker fashion

So, how did sneakers rise from the sports field to high-street fashion? The sneaker’s journey of fame began as early as 1921, when US basketball player Chuck Taylor’s endorsement of the All Star Converse spelt the start of celebrity endorsements for a shoe. Then, in the early ‘70s, Nike had launched its Cortez and made sneakers a fashion item. When Gucci brought out its tennis shoes in 1984, the sneaker had become a product of luxury.

Adidas’ Superstar in 1986, had urban fashion written all over it, followed by Prada’s PSO906 in 1996 – the sneaker’s foray into the designer world. More designer stuff was in the offing. For Louis Vuitton’s collaboration with rapper Kanye West in 2009, the latter not only campaigned for the shoe, he even helped design it. Year 2015 saw the emergence of the platform sneaker created by Christian Dior with Adidas.

According to Elizabeth Semmelhack, author of Out of the Box: The Rise of Sneaker Culture, it actually happened the other way round. She says in an interview, “When the first sneakers debuted in the 1800s, they were themselves luxury items, because of the working class’ lack of a leisurely lifestyle at the time as well as the high price of rubber. So, following years of metamorphosis experienced by the sneaker, we might actually be coming a full circle.”

Top Trends In Sneaker Fashion

Some of the top trends in sneakers are the White Low-Top, the High-Top, the Trainer, the Velcro, the Glitter, and believe it or not, the Embroidered Sneaker.

White sneakers Myntra

The white low-top is sweeping streetwear and can be worn with everything – from a dress to ripped jeans and T-shirt. 20Dresses on Myntra brings the perfect white sneaker for women in regular styling, velcro detail, synthetic upper with shimmer detail. But if it’s a high-top sneaker you’re looking for, choose Vans’ unisex black-printed hi-top sneakers.

Trainers are how sneakers began. Leading sports brand Puma’s training shoes help not just to train but to get comfortably stylish as well. The Velcro sneaker is a vintage shoe that doubles as a slip-on sneaker. Hrithik Roshan-styled HRX brand on Myntra brings the classic white Velcro sneaker for nostalgia lovers.

The ultimate style statement would be a little bit of stardust on the most casual footwear, isn’t it? There’s lots to choose from on Myntra: From Knotty Derby’s Women’s metallic Pink Lily sneakers to Dressberry’s Peach-Shimmer sneakers. Men needn’t shy away from “shining” either. They can go for Jack & Jones Gold Solid-Toned Perforated Sneakers.

Sneakers in fashion

The breathtakingly beautiful trend of embroidered shoes from abroad can be yours to flaunt back home too. Choose a rose-embroidered shoe on Myntra.

Now that you have selected your sneakers, you can be a fashionista to the hilt by pairing them with a variety of outfits.

What To Pair The Sneakers With

If looking for a chic look, pair them with a leather skirt. All-white sneakers give the minimalist touch for those seeking a classic look. Sneakers even go with formal looks, believe it or not. For example, you could pair them with a pencil skirt, but stick to formal colours if you don’t want the shoes to be the focus of attention.

Casual dressing and sneakers have always been a perfect match. So, think sweatshirt and skirt or skinny jeans with a pair. If a colourful pair is what you have in your closet, choose an equally shiny dress. Pair them with a Little Black Dress for a radical look.

With so many irresistible styles to choose from, the only risk you face may be that of becoming a sneaker freak.

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