Condoms: Benefits and Contraception Guide For Beginners

Condoms are one of the most effective forms of contraception. They are used for both pleasure and keeping yourself safe from sexually transmitted diseases. With the latest innovations, the manufacturers of these protective barriers have provided much more benefits that let you enjoy the sexual experience without any interference.

Benefits of Using Condoms

Here are some major benefits of using condoms:

  • Condoms are affordable and easily obtained. 
  • You do not need a prescription from doctors for buying condoms.
  • They are useful in reducing the risk of pregnancy.
  • It also helps in preventing several sexually transmitted diseases, such as HIV, chlamydia, and gonorrhoea.
  • Some condom variants also help in preventing premature ejaculation.
  • There are no medical side effects for using condoms unless you are allergic to latex.

How To Use A Condom?

Here are the steps you could follow while using condoms during sexual intercourse. 

  1. Do not use fingernails or jewellery items to tear the condom packet. Tearing the package with sharp objects increases the risk of damaging condoms. 
  2. Squeeze the air out of the condom by using your thumbs and forefingers.
  3. Make sure you have an erect penis before placing it on the tip. If not, then the condom would not properly hold off and might break or slip off while having intercourse.
  4. Then gently roll the condom down to the base of your penis. 
  5. After intercourse, hold the base of your penis and carefully remove the condom without spilling any semen. 
  6. Tie the condom in a knot and dispose of it in a dustbin. Do not flush it down the toilet.

Tips For Using Condoms

Here are some tips you could follow while using condoms. 

  • Always use one condom at a time. There is a common myth surrounding the practice of wearing two condoms for extra protection. Wearing two condoms at a time might increase the risk of tearing. 
  • Make sure that the condom is inserted pointing upwards. Wearing condoms the wrong way increases the chances of it slipping off. 
  • Leave space at the tip of the condom as it meant to catch the ejaculated semen. 
  • Many prefer using lubricants with condoms, but you need to be careful of the formulation. Certain lubricants do not go with latex condoms and can weaken the latex, causing it to break. Do not opt for lotions, oil, or and moisturisers. Go for water-based lubricants. 
  • Never use a condom for more than 30 minutes as the consistent friction can weaken the condom material.

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