Consumer Sentiments Drive Innovations at Myntra

Most people have a favourite store or a boutique to cater to all their apparel needs. Your mom and aunts probably have a designated tailor to get their entire ensemble together. You may also have a go-to store, the only difference now being that those stores probably exist in the virtual space.

Now the question is, what makes virtual stores like Myntra, a favorite of people? Rewinding to the past a little bit, the boutiques not only served the purpose of making and selling clothes, but doing it in a way so that people were involved in the process. The one to one interaction between the tailor and the customer was what brought about customization.


In the case of online apps though, the traditional format of human interaction is non-viable. However, virtual spaces, like Myntra, are redefining the customer experience by opening not just one but several mediums of personal interaction. So that pink dress you were looking for, the app will not only give you similar suggestions, but also show just how popular those products are with other shoppers on the app.

Shagun Sharma, an online shopper has pretty much turned to online for clothes and everything. She says, “I sometimes do miss the joy of shopping for dress materials with my mom and going to the tailor to get it stitched. But then, I also feel benefited with the advent of ecommerce and companies like Myntra who have made shopping not just convenient and reliable but also personlised.”

More exciting is fusion of technology with real-time customer experience. Being first in its category, Myntra introduced a feature called ‘Shop by Shape’ on its app. Here you get unique size codes right on your smartphones to help you determine the perfect attire for your body shape. Now isn’t that similar to getting a customized set of clothes done?

There are many other examples how Myntra is bridging the gap between real and virtual via technology. The app is actually presenting shoppers the option to interact with their friends, families, fashion experts and celebrities in real time and get inputs and suggestions from them! And this kind of engagement is only set to increase in future. (Keep watching this space for more stories on that!)

In a nutshell, a thorough research of the market and understanding what the customer wants is the key driver of these innovations. With an eye for detail on every single touch point of the customer experience, the app is everyday becoming more interactive and responsive.

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