EORS thrives on Myntra’s strong partnership with 3000+ brands

For millions of shoppers, and over 3000 brands across the country, Myntra’s flagship event, the End of Reason Sale (EORS), is a much-awaited shopping extravaganza. The 14th edition of the event comes as an opportunity for the fashion ecosystem to revive and achieve its growth path again. Like always, the excitement is infectious and customers are definitely on a shopping spree!

For brands, delivery partners, and the artisans, the pandemic has been a disruption, posing a threat to their earnings and livelihoods. A massive event such as the End of Reason Sale brings back a reason for them to see light at the end of the tunnel and navigate through these challenging times. Factors such as the pent-up shopping demand, need for fashion essentials, and safety of shopping from the comfort of their homes, offer brands a strong recovery path.

Leading some of the most loved and respected brands in India, our brand partners speak on why it matters to partner with Myntra to reach new markets and new consumers.

Myntra's Partnership with 3000 brands

Myntra's Partnership with 3000 brands

Myntra EORS Brands

Siddharth Bindra Biba

Myntra’s ongoing 14th edition will continue till 8th July, giving every individual a reason to shop!


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