Fashion Quotes To Live By

Fashion is hardly something that you just ‘do.’ For the ardent fashion lover, it is a statement, a way of life, an expression the world identifies you with. Be it star designers, movie stars or famous fictional characters, what these personalities have to say about fashion has long been treated as mantras of life!

Myntra App users are familiar with the lovely quotes that pop up as one explores the many exciting brands available on the fashion portal. Here’s a selection of quotes that proves once again that fashion is anything but skin deep. Enjoy, and indulge yourself with these immersive words!

Donatella Versace

Ralph lauren fashion quotes Myntra

carrie bradshaw

emma watson

Miuccia prada fashion quotes Myntra

coco chanel fashion quotes Myntra

lady gaga fashion quotes Myntra

maria sharapova

Bill cunnigham fashion quotes Myntra

Gwyneth Paltrow fashion quotes Myntra

Giorgio Armani fashion quotes Myntra

bill blass

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