Fit On The Pitch, Fab Off It!

They play it in style.

They are the face of the game, defining it and redefining it, time and again! Cricketers, today, are not just recognized for their skill in the game, but also for their skill to grab all the eyeballs, for their ultra-modern styles.

Let’s take a look at the five most stylish cricketers.

5) Alastair Cook


England’s test team captain is as smooth with his batting, as with his style. Known for his casual, yet attractive style statement, Cook is a versatile personality all in all. We may say that the perfectly square jaw bone doesn’t fail to impress the fans, even if the square cut isn’t so neat!

4) Chris Gayle


Gayle not only scores big on the pitch but also on the style field. This party lover has brought back bling to the game. One look at his Instagram account will tell you about his shiny clothes off the pitch. From sporting Bermudas to leather jackets, to that wild hair, this rock star hits a six, both on and off the field.

3) Shahid Afridi


A cult figure in Pakistan’s cricket scene, Afridi has been a charmer for generations. From his unconventional batting style to his presence all over television through multiple endorsements, Afridi is an all-rounder. With his swagger style and endearing looks, he hasn’t failed to create a long trail of fans.

2) Andrew Flintoff


Flintoff knows just the right mix to balance comfort and style like a pro. This broad and tall English cricketer is always clothed in designer wear. From sporting Louis Vuitton manbag to comfortably cruising in Prada shoes, Freddie Flintoff endorses style which appeals to the elegant side of you.

1) Virat Kohli


If there’s one word to describe Kohli, it’s suave! His style is as effortlessly amazing as is his skill at his sport. Indian team’s vice-captain is the talk of the town for being the best looking of all the sportsmen. That’s not it. Kohli’s style statement is redefined by his brand WROGN, available online only on Myntra.

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